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Artifical Sea

Weekday 02:00pm | 07:30pm Weekend 12:00pm | 07:30pm

Another round up with nature. Been to Sandspit, seen Paradise Point, and loved French Beach. Now its time to check out the Dreamworld Resort’s own beach, which awaits you with real time waves thrashing its shore.

Crazy River Slide

Weekday 02:00pm | 07:30pm Weekend 12:00pm | 07:30pm

People of all ages can enjoy the slides, well not all really, you should be at least two years old, but just physically; mentally… the younger you are the more you enjoy! We offer water slides for both, children and the grown-ups.

Horse Riding

Weekday 02:00pm | 07:30pm Weekend 02:00pm | 07:30pm

The exclusive Horse riding school is for instruction and training of all age groups, or for practicing pleasure riding. Most feature a large indoor riding area with healthy and active horses.

Bowling Alley

Weekday 02:00pm | 10:00pm Weekend 02:00pm | 10:00pm

If you know how to score by rolling bowls, you will be attracted to our bowling alley. 6 lanes Brunswick made bowling alley with all the international standards followed will help you in improving your game.


Weekday Sunrise to Sunset Weekend Sunrise to Sunset

The golf course, which is spread right up to the horizon, with the perfect scene of tranquility, will not just provide you fun and frolic. It will also take you to a state of mental peace and relaxation.

Musical Dancing Fountain

Weekday After Sunset Weekend After Sunset

Musical dancing fountain is the most unique thing to see at the Dreamworld Resort. It’s a complete entertainment architecture where the streams of the fountain dance with the beat of the music along with changing shades of lights.